Can grout be cleaned?

grime in grout

Dirty tile and grout flooring

When you chose the tile for your kitchen, you probably envisioned how your kitchen would look day in, day out.  You wipe the counters down after each meal cooked, and probably several times every day. Are you getting the grout cleaned though? When was the last time you had the grout resealed? To keep your bathroom or kitchen tile looking good, tile and grout cleaning are an important stop.

Tile and grout that aren’t thoroughly cleaned will a professionally, begin to look aged, dirty, and noticeably stained, making your countertops unappealing. Not only will a tile grout cleaning and sealing make your bathroom and kitchen counters look nicer, but it will brighten the tiles and grout, giving the room a clean, fresh look.

Not only does the grout start looking old over time, a buildup of bacteria, debris, and dirt can also make your bathroom or kitchen unhealthy. These unhealthy irritants create a surface that is unhygienic and in a bathroom that is poorly ventilated, the mildew and mold are at their worse.  Professional tile and grout cleaning will remove all that, making your bathroom and kitchen look cleaner, newer, and make them healthier too.

How often should you clean tile grout?

It isn’t just the grout, the tile may not seem porous, but it is absorbing the same stuff the grout is. Experts recommend a thorough tile and grout cleaning should be regular maintenance twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Whether it is the bathroom or kitchen, backsplash, counters, or flooring. Maintenance is key to a long life for the tile and grout, keeping it healthy, and looking its best.

What cleans grout best?

Hiring a professional to do your tile and grout cleaning is the best way to get the grout clean.  However, if you want to do it yourself, there are several products available on the market, each having different results and different reviews. The following is a tested home recipe for a cleaner that has good results.

Mix the following ingredients together:

  • 1/2 c of baking soda
  • 1/4 c of hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 teaspoon dish soap

Apply this tile and grout cleaning mixture onto the grout with a clean (but used is fine) toothbrush. Let the mixture sit on the grout for 5 to 10 minutes, then scrub vigorously with the toothbrush to agitate the cleaner and grout, then rinse using a clean rag wet with clear water.

Is bleach bad for grout?

Yes! Bleach is toxic, high in alkaline and can burn your skin or worse, not to mention, it smells! The high pH balance of bleach can corrode and destroy the materials that your tile and grout are made from.

Additionally, grout is a porous material and will absorb the bleach. It can spill over onto the flooring, including the carpet, creating more damage than you may anticipate. Do not use bleach for your tile and grout cleaning procedure.

Is vinegar bad for grout?

Again, yes! Vinegar is high in acetic acid and has a pH balance of 2. This combination will corrode the tile and grout. Experts do not recommend tile and grout cleaning with vinegar.

Freshly cleaned grout

Does professional tile and grout cleaning work?

The cost of professional tile and grout cleaning services will vary from city to city and will be based on the square footage. Is it less expensive to do your own tile and grout cleaning? Yes, and no. Yes, it is less expensive to make your own cleaner or purchase one of the many on the market, but is it doing as good of a job? 

Over time, the grout on your tile counter absorbs dirt and spills daily, discoloring it, and no matter how hard you’ve scrubbed it, you can’t get the grout as bright and clean as they were. 

Professionals have tile and grout cleaning equipment and techniques that lift those stains you can’t get. Professionals can remove that sticky residue that attracted the dirt, and they won’t leave any sticky residue behind to start the dirt collection over. 

Your home is an important investment, and it only benefits you and the value of your property to take care of things like the electrical and plumbing components. Regularly scheduled maintenance for tile and grout cleaning is just as important. If you haven’t done a deep tile and grout cleaning yourself or had a professional do the job, and your tiles are looking aged and worn. 

Calling a professional for tile and grout cleaning and restoration can bring them back to life. If you aren’t sure it was worth the cost of hiring a professional to do this job, take pictures of the tile grout cleaning before and after. Just as with any professional service contractor, you’ll have a guarantee and warranty for the work done – a nice fallback that you don’t have by doing it yourself. Want professional cleaning for your home? Dial (636) 238-4702 for your tile and grout cleaning needs in St. Peters, MO.