Sofa Cleaning

Sofa Cleaning

Bring Your Couch Back To Life With a Sofa Cleaning.

Sitting down on a clean sofa is a great feeling after a long day or any time of day. Nobody wants to sit on a dirty couch with stains and it definitely clashes with a home’s decor. When it comes to a sofa cleaning, you want someone who knows what they are doing and also that you can feel confident in. When you choose Amazing Restorations to do your sofa cleaning in St. Peters, MO, we will make sure that we get your couch as clean as possible. Our technicians use the skills they have learned and developed over the years to remove stains, dirt, and oils from almost any material on your couch. Over time these things can build up and even if you can’t see them they are still there and should be cleaned out. Give us a call at (636) 238-4702 and we can schedule someone to come out right away and bring your sofa back to life.

The Process

When one of our trained technicians comes out to your home or business, we will first examine the sofa to see how many stains and even how intense the stain is. We start by hand scrubbing the sofa and then using dry cleaning technology will be able to remove things like dirt and oil. We try to limit the use of heavy water as to not mess up the couches natural chemistry and to prevent things like stretching or cracking.

Why This Should Be Done

There are several reasons why you should consider having a sofa cleaning done. One is for sanitary reasons. A touch is something that is usually a high traffic item in a home. You sit on these, let animals sleep on, and even eat and drink on. Because of all of these factors, bacterial and oils will get into your couch and stay there. By having them cleaned, you are prolonging the life of your furniture and creating an overall better presentation of a clean home.

When you need a sofa cleaning done in St. Peters, MO, call the professionals at Amazing Restorations at (636) 238-4702 and let us make your couch or sofa look great again.