Carpet Steam Cleaning


If you have carpet in your home or business, you know how easily it gets dirty. Having to have it cleaned can be frustrating because of the time it takes to dry the carpet out after the cleaning has been finished. Fortunately, there are other ways to have your carpet cleaned that won’t leave you out of the house for hours and even days in some cases. If you have your carpet steam cleaned, it actually works in some cases, better than traditional carpet cleaning. The professionals at Amazing Restorations know just what to do to bring your old dirty carpet back to life. We specialize in restoration and your carpet is no different. When you need a carpet steam cleaning in St. Peters, MO, call (636) 238-4702 and allow us to bring your carpet back to life without any long downtime or mildew smell afterward.

Why Choose Steam Cleaning?

One of the worst parts about having your carpets cleaned is having to wait for them to dry. This usually means you are out of the house or walking around very carefully to not get the carpets dirty again while they are wet. When we steam clean your carpet, you don’t have to worry about any of that. By using special chemical agents, fans, and not over saturating the carpet, the dry time is usually between 6-12 hours. This leaves you with a beautifully cleaned carpet with no mildew smell while it dries and carpet that is clean and sanitized.

Excellent Restoration Services


We all know that carpet gets dirty very easily. When you need to have your carpet steam cleaning done in St. Peters, MO, give us a call at (636) 238-4702 and let our team of experts handle your carpet cleaning today. Steam cleaning your carpets will keep stains from reappearing and if a stain comes back for some reason, give us a call and we will always come back out at no cost to you and get it taken care of. There is no reason you should have to live with dirty or wet carpets and now you don’t have to when you choose Amazing Restorations as your carpet steam cleaning service.