Duct Cleaning Service in St. Peters, MO

Making sure your air ducts are cleaned is an important part of maintaining your home or commercial building. This will be able to help reduce allergens that are on the air and pollutants that may be hanging around and allowing you to breathe them in. We have technicians here at Amazing Restorations, that specialize in duct cleaning service in St. Peters, MO. We will make sure that your ducts are cleaned out so that you don’t have to worry anymore about the dangers hidden in your ducts above. Give us a call anytime at (636) 238-4702 and we will make sure that someone gets out to you right away and answers all of your questions.

Why Do This?


Time – Over time, things like mold can grow in your ducts from condensation sitting inside with no way to get out. If there are any problems within the duct that allows moisture to get inside, you will want to make sure that it is cleaned out so that you can find the damage and put an end to it.

Smell – Have you been noticing a strange smell lingering in your home or building, but cannot find the source? It is not something that happens often, but sometimes animals can get caught in your air duct systems and leave a bad smell until you have a duct cleaning service done on it.

Dust – This is the biggest finding that comes up and the major reason you should have a duct cleaning service done. When dust and dirt build up over time, it can stop the air from flowing properly and end up making your energy bill become higher.

Air Duct Cleaning Process


  • We remove the duct covers, brush and vacuum them and them place the covers back on
  • Special brushes are used to loosen the dirt that gets caught in the vent lines.
  • Vacuum out all of the dirt and dust in the vent lines and main lines
  • Blow high powered air through the lines to make sure that all of the dust gets put
  • A vacuum will then be used to make sure that everything is cleaned out
  • Panels are all installed back the way we found them and sealed.

We always want to make sure that your home or commercial building is as clean as possible and your health is put first. A great start to that is making sure that you have a duct cleaning service from our professionals in St. Peters, MO. Call us at (636) 238-4702 to schedule us to come out for your first or next cleaning with Amazing Restorations.

  • Dryer Vent Cleaning A clean dryer vent will be able to help prevent things like higher energy bills and house fires and should always be done by a professional.
  • AC Coil Cleaning Making sure that your AC coil is cleaned will keep the AC running properly for the life of it and will keep your energy bill from rising for no reason.
  • HVAC Blower Motor Cleaning Your HVAC blower motor should be cleaned from time to time to avoid future problems that can be very expensive to have fixed.