Air Duct and Furnace Cleaning

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Why should the air duct system be cleaned?


It is the air you, your family, friends, clients, customers, patients, pets, and others breathe every day. The air duct system can actually cause air quality to become up to 5 times more polluted than outside air. Since no sun light or UV light is able to get into the ducts there becomes build up of germs, bacteria, dust, mold spores, animal dander, dead skin, pollens, pet dander ect… Air ducts that are not cleaned regularly will also cause the furnace blower motor to become caked in debris resulting in being unbalanced and less efficient air threw out the system. Also A/C coils especially when wet with condensation running the A/C become clogged with debris, this is also the perfect place for bacteria, and mold to grow.


What are the benefits of air duct cleaning?


Better air quality, lowered allergies attaches, lowered asthma attaches, less dust, less daily cleaning, better functioning longer lasting furnace, lowered bills and so many others benefits. When the mold, dust, debris, pollen, bacteria, other things are removed you will be able to breathe much easier.


How does mold get in the air duct system?


Air duct systems are the number one place to find mold inside a building. There is always mold in the air when you open doors and windows the mold spores come in and are pulled into the air duct system. Sunlight is what naturally kills mold no sunlight is able to get into the air ducts to kill off the mold. Mold grows easiest in area that is dark, dirty, consistent temperature, and moisture. Running the A/C, humidifier and confiscation from vent lines adds moisture to the dark, dirty, area with consistent temp that is an air duct system. These mold spores dead or alive can cause breathing issues like headaches, shortness of breath, allergy attaches, asthma attacks, and others issues.

Why should the system be sanitized?

Removing the dust and debris out of the system is great, but will not kill all the mold spores, germs, bacteria, odors, and other things of that nature out of the system. Like anything just removing the dirt does not get it clean using a disinfectant will give the cleanest possible system giving the highest air quality possible.


Are the chemicals used safe?


Yes, all the chemicals used are specialty chemicals approved by the EPA for HVAC use.

What is a vent?

Vents blow out the air that has been heated or cooled by the furnace into home or business. Typically vents covers can be opened and closed. In most cases vents are found on the floor. Normally these lines are six inch, circular, made of sheet metal, and connect to the large square main lines.


What is a return?


Returns pull in the air to be taken to the furnace and heated or cooled again. Typically return covers will not be closable and made to stay open at all times. In most cases returns are found higher on the wall. Normally these lines are made using existing beams, sheet metal, and connect to the large square main lines.


How do I tell if it’s a vent or return?


Turn on your furnace fan, then take a single piece of paper, and put in front of the cover. If the paper is pulled towards the cover it is a return. If the paper is blown away from the cover it is a vent.


What is a main line?


These are the large metal normally square or rectangular lines that connect the furnace to the vents and returns. Main lines vary in size, some decrease in size the farther they are from the furnace, and are made of sheet metal


What is an access point and how are they installed?


An access point is a hole in the main line that gives access to the inside of the line. If an air duct system has never been properly cleaned access points will need to be added because there is no other way to get in. Using a specialty tool called a hole cutter a perfect circle will be cut in the duct work giving access to the inside of the line. Once the cleaning is done a piece of 20 gauge sheet metal will be screwed to cover the whole, and sealed with specialty foil tape.

What is a blower motor and why should it be cleaned?

Blower motors are the fan which forces the air threw the air duct system and furnace. The fan blades are made with bend to be able to scoop the air and force it threw the system. Once dust and debris build up on the blades it makes the fan unbalanced, and is not able to scoop the air as easily. The result is giving you higher bills, replacing parts or the whole unit more frequently.

What are A/C coils and why should they be cleaned?

A/C coils are what air passes threw to be cooled. These coils are thin pieces of aluminum that are side by side with a very small opening between each. This is an extremely common place for debris to build up and restrict the air flow causing the furnace to work harder than intended. Also when running and wet it is the perfect place for mold to grow.