Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

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Why should carpets be cleaned?

Carpeting is the largest filter you have in your home. It not only collects oil, dirt, food, pet dander, urine, etc. from daily use but also airborne things as well. Such as mold, pollen, dust, dead skin particles, etc. Regular vacuuming will remove approximately 85% of the things found in your carpet. Over time dirt and other things build up at the backing of the carpeting and slowly make the carpet look less bright as it shows threw. Also spots, spills, etc. can be unpleasant to look at and unsanitary.


Why should carpets be given a full restoration?

Germs and bacteria not only from walking but in the air build up in the fibers of the carpet. Also time and walking on the carpet removes the Scotch Guard that was applied at the factory.  This is why besides just removing the dirt it is recommended to sanitize and Scotch Guard the carpet.

What is the Amazing Warranty with free Scotch Guard?


If Amazing Restorations re-cleans carpet or upholstery that has had Scotch Guard applied within 12 months reapplication of Scotch Guard is free. So as long as you maintain cleaning the carpet or Upholstery a least every 12 months, Scotch Guard only needs to be bought only once.


How can you afford to give free Scotch Guard?


Advertising costs is a large portion of overhead in most businesses, with a repeat customer there is no advertising expense, The money normally spent on an advertisement is basically used on Scotch Guard to help show that we appreciate the repeat business. Plus carpet that is protected is much easier to clean.

What is a “UV light inspection” used for?

A UV light inspection is used to identify urine or bodily fluids. The high acidic levels and protein in urine makes it glow under the UV light.

How does the UV light work?

Urine and bodily fluids under UV light of 350 to 410 will glow green or yellow. Our specialty light is tuned to up UV light of 380-390.  


Why do I need to have the urine pre-treatment before applying shampoo?

Urine is very acidic and chemicals will not work on urine if it is not neutralized. Applying a pre-treatment and allowing it sit for a minimum of 5 minute neutralizes the urine. Once this happens the urine can then be removed and sanitized.


How do you sanitize the carpeting?

First an enzyme (good bacteria) shampoo is applied. In addition, which most companies do not do, a sanitizing liquid will be added to the water during steam cleaning process.

What about companies offering different levels of carpet cleanings, deep scrub, corrective cleaning, lightly soiled, ect?

Amazing Restorations offers one level of cleaning and that is making the carpet look as good as possible. The upfront pricing given for cleaning includes pre-conditioner, spotters, scrubbing, and hot water extraction. Other companies will try use different wording, and phrases to do a bait and switch, charging much more than what is advertised. That is not how business is done here, pricing is given upfront with no hidden fees or charges. 


What style of carpet cleaning does Amazing Restorations do?

Amazing Restorations uses  a hot water extraction process also know as a steam cleaning.  

What will be done to protect my belongings, and base boards?

Hard plastic corner guards will be used in every doorway and any furniture that is not moved. Tarps will be placed on any floors that equipment will be placed.

What things will the not technicians move?

We can move most things like end tables, light furniture, rugs, chairs, most tables, and other light items. Things technicians do not move are electronics, beds, dressers, breakables and other very heavy furnishings.

What should be done before the technicians arrive to clean the carpet?

Vacuuming, removing breakables, and large furniture if desired are the only things we request.

Why is dry cleaning the best way to clean upholstery?

Dirt, oil, and many other things build up the fabric of upholstery and need to be cleaned to extended the  life of the furniture and keep a clean living or working environment. Dry cleaning is best way to clean upholstery mainly because fabric can shrink if it left too wet, which can cause tears in the fabric. Also by hand scrubbing the fabric it loosens the dirt and oils giving the fabric the best cleaning possible.

Are the chemicals used safe?

Yes all the chemicals used are approved and safe. The majority of the chemicals we use are all natural.

Will my carpet and upholstery look brand new after a cleaning?

In most cases no, there is fiber wear and tear, stains, and spots that are not repairable or removable. When Scotch Guard is applied to the fibers these things will be lessened or stopped from happening.

What is a pre-conditioner?

Is a liquid that brakes down dirt, spills, spots, oils, pet dander, and the other things all the way to the backing of the carpet. Sometimes it is referred as a carpet shampoo.

What is Scotch Guard?

This is a protective coating that is applied to carpet or fabric to protect fibers against spotting, spills, stains, wear and tear, ect... They are the leader in fabric and carpet protection for a reason, their product works great! Plus we give free lifetime reapplication with the Amazing Maintenance Plan.