What Happens When AC Coils Are Dirty?

Technician Working on AC Coil Cleaning

How to Keep Your Home Cool

Even with summer nearing the end, no one wants to be without cool air until they absolutely have to. Having a well-maintained home and air conditioning system is the best way to achieve that. Sometimes, however, maintenance slips through the cracks of a to-do list and general maintenance get missed. That is often very true for homeowners with their AC coils. More often than not, the coils get dirty which results in less and less cool air. That’s when homeowners call in wanting to know what is wrong with their system. The best way to prevent system failures during these hot months is with AC coil cleaning for St. Peters, MO homes. Rely on Amazing Restorations, (636) 238-4702, when you need professional cleaning services.

AC Coil Cleaning

Symptoms of Dirty AC Coils

What would the symptoms of a dirty coil be, exactly? As a homeowner, there are several things to look for that could be causing the issue. Knowing the signs can help you stay ahead of major problems and even prevent a system burnout. 

  • High Energy Bills: The tell-tale sign of dirty AC coils, or really any problem with your AC system, is a high energy bill. Older units will always be more expensive than newer systems because of how much energy they require to push out cool air. But if a newer system is showing significantly higher bills, there is something wrong.
  • Warm Air: One way to tell that something is wrong with your AC system is if warm air is being blown out rather than cool air. If the thermostat says a low temperature, but the air you feel is warm, there could be something wrong with your coils. More than likely they are dirty.
  • Overworked Unit: An AC system works in cycles. When the temperature in your home exceeds the thermostat, the system kicks in to cool everything down. However, if the coils are dirty, they can’t sense when the space has been cool. That means your cycles will be longer which can make a system seem like it is constantly running.
  • Frozen Unit: Another sign of dirty coils is a system that freezes up. This happens when dirt collects on the coils. The evaporator can’t effectively absorb heat, which means that condensation builds up and freezes. When that happens, your entire system can actually stop working altogether. 

When your air conditioner seems to be operating at a less than adequate efficiency, it’s to contact the experts. Similar to when you need emergency plumbing repair, you may need emergency AC repair. Either way, if you notice that your air conditioner is not producing cold air when it should be, take a look and contact expert AC technicians.

AC Coil Cleaning: How-To

Once you know what to look for, there are several things you can do yourself to clean the coils. What is AC coil cleaning? It’s the process of removing dirt, debris, ice and any other foreign material that is preventing the coils from operating efficiently. This can be achieved through multiple methods with things like compressed air and store-bought cleaners. That in mind, it is highly recommended to rely on professionals when you need any kind of AC coil cleaning service. Many, though, choose to clean the coils themselves because of the cost. AC coil cleaning costs can vary from company to company. The best way to view it though is like this, it may be a lot of money to rely on a professional cleaner, but it will definitely cost a lot more to replace an entire unit because of failure to maintain the operating system. 

That being said, you can still do maintenance in between cleanings with store-bought cleaners and even with regular household detergents. Always check the manufacturers’ guide for maintenance. Your unit will either come with a book, but you can always check online as well. Brands like Carrier, Rheem and more offer quite a bit of insight for general maintenance. But when you need air duct cleaning services in St. Peters, MO, it’s always best to rely on professional services like Amazing Restorations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do AC coils get dirty?
    • They get dirty because while the coils are working to cool refrigerant, dirt, debris and more can easily get caught up in the coils. These materials then build up in the coils, creating layers and clogs that make it harder for your system to cool.
  • Is it necessary to clean AC coils?
    • Yes, it is very necessary to clean the coils. Failure to do so can result in higher energy bills. More than that, failure to clean the coils could result in toxic air being pushed into your home. 
  • How often should you clean AC coils?
    • For the most effective and efficient AC system, AC coils should be cleaned at least once a year. It is estimated that dirty AC coils reduce the efficiency of a unit by 30% or more. 
  • Does cleaning AC coils help?
    • Yes, cleaning condenser and evaporator coils will help allow your air conditioning system to operate more efficiently. That will be because the overall system won’t have to work double-time to provide the same amount of cooling.
Working on AC Coil Cleaning

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