What is the Best Way to Clean a Fabric Sofa?


Do Steam Cleaners Work on Upholstery?

A fabric sofa can be a comfortable addition to your home, being a wonderful place to kick back and sometimes take a snooze. However, that also means that sometimes they can get dirty with regular use and need a good cleaning. Homeowners at this point tend to ask what the best way is when it comes to that cleaning, with options ranging from simple to heavy duty and complex. Some examples of upholstery cleaning of that include:

  • Detergent
  • Vacuums
  • Regular brushing
  • Baking soda
  • Shampoos
  • Spot treating
  • Fumigating
  • Steaming 

Keep in mind, each of these suggestions will cover a different type of mess that had resulted on any given couch. With examples like baking soda and vacuums being used to clean up small spots and pet hair respectively. However, steaming to a larger degree covers multiple kinds of cleaning for couches and other upholstery. When it comes to the fabric on furniture, a person will see that steam cleaning can be worth it when the mess being cleaning is major. The steam in this case brings with it high temperatures that break down dirt and other layering materials, making them easier to clean off. This process can also brighten the color of the couch or other furniture while not damaging it thanks to the lack of chemicals. After the steaming process, which is incapable of damaging grout, a person will notice a better smelling and looking piece of furniture. For more information about upholstery cleaning like steam cleaning, call (636) 238-4702 for Amazing Restorations in St. Peters, MO.

Is Steam Cleaner Worth it?

When using a steam cleaner correctly in the upholstery cleaning process, the method can easily be worth it when the couch has sustained significant aging or is covered in a coating of dirt. However, while a steam cleaner may take good care of couches and the like, that does not necessarily mean it is designed for all kinds of furniture cleaning. One would not, therefore, use a steam cleaner on: 

  • Anything that can be damaged by heat, for example being cardboard and painted objects
  • Extended sections of the carpet
  • Silks
  • Plastics
  • Velour
  • Stucco
  • Marble 
  • Brick

Being that the high heat exposure and moisture are good at providing one of the deepest cleans possible. However, that also means that objects that cannot handle high heat and moisture together are subject to extreme punishment they are incapable of withstanding for more than a short period. With that said, the benefit of using a steam cleaner in upholstery cleaning is that it does not use chemicals and can be directed directly at the source of an issue the homeowner wants to be removed. Whereas it can also assist in cleaning leather, kitchens, bathrooms, and windows, it should not be directed at the more delicate materials listed above.

How do I Disinfect my Sofa After the Flu?

When it comes to viruses, parasites, and bugs we understand that you will want the capability to get rid of them in a process that will not damage your home with degrading chemicals. Fortunately when it comes to upholstery cleaning, steam does the trick in removing harmful pests and diseases while doing a wonderful job of getting your furniture cleaned. At the temperatures a steamer typically operates, germs, viruses, and the like tend to not last when being encountered in the process. In these times, staying healthy is important and that is why we cannot recommend enough this part of the upholstery cleaning process. Whether because of the moisture or heat, steam cleaning also drives away pests like insects and arachnids. The larger majority of those encountered in the process tend to be eradicated quickly and effectively thanks to the heat. 

One way that should be noted when looking to remove water stains on the furniture is by mixing a half cup of vinegar with two cups of water into a spray bottle. By misting upholstery with water damage marks, then drying it out with direct exposure to a fan, you will see a monumental benefit for such a simple method.

couch with pillows

How do I Clean Upholstery Myself?

There are several simple homemade methods for upholstery cleaning that homeowners can take advantage of to add an extra focus to their homes clean new look. When it comes to fabric specifically, vinegar, warm water, and dish soap will do the trick with one-fourth cup, three-fourth cup, and a tablespoon respectively. Spraying and dabbing the spots with this mixture will show improvement when adding a healthy dose of focus to it. When it comes to leather, the surprising mixture of olive oil and vinegar does wonders sprayed onto the attractive looking material. Sometimes, when referencing the tag on a cushion or pillow you will see that machine washing parts of your couch that can be removed are possible. The best way however to keep your couch clean is attention and focus to keeping it that way. Removing pet hair and being careful of consuming anything near it can do wonders when needing to later do upholstery cleaning. When you need a professionals help, call (636) 238-4702 today to schedule your appointment.